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Computer Music (and other) Compositions
Algorithmic Compositions created with the C4 C++ class library; compositions for piano - more
Three Miniatures for Piano
December (1997) [download score], Questions 70 (1999), Papa dear (1999) - performed by Adriaan de Wit
Eternal Gates - 8:03 (1999)
First performed at Stanford University, February 17th, 2000. <link>
Birds don't cry - 12:13 (2001)
First performed in Saarbrücken, August 14th, 2002 by Duo Archaeopteryx. Click here to view the program notes (German only)
Lapidar - 7:22 (2001)
First performed Oct 29, 2005, at the 'Soundings - Festival of Sonic Art', University of Edinburgh. Click here to view the program notes
Selected Scores
Compositions and arrangements (SATB; TTBB; Flute and Piano) - more
Good old-fashioned loverboy
Original (C) 1976 Queen. Arranged 2005. Available as SATB (score and MIDI file) and TTBB version (score and MIDI file).
I'm gonna sing when the spirit says: Sing!
Arranged for TTBB 1994/2010. Download score and MIDI file.
Rama Lama Ding Dong
Original (C) 1957 The Edsels. Arranged for TTBB 1995. Live performance by Voices Unlimited, Austria, Gold Medal winners of the 4th World Choir Games. Score coming soon!
Composed 1997. For piano solo. Download the score.
Bagatelle für Flöte und Klavier
Composed 1993. For flute and piano. Download the score and a MIDI file.
There is more!
Compositions and arrangements include a mass, 20+ arrangements for SATB and TTBB, one art song, a string quartetto, and a fanfare for woodwind orchestra.
Some Photos
A little image gallery ... - more

(C) Bernhard Haidinger