EGG wavegram - Python source code

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The wavegram provides an intuitive means for quickly assessing vocal fold contact phenomena and their variation over time. Vocal fold contacting and de-contacting appears here as a sequence of events rather than single incidents, taking place over a certain period of time, and changing with pitch, loudness and register. Wavegrams document systematic phenomena, indicating subtle changes of the vocal fold oscillatory regime. - see wikipedia.

Download Python module and test source code, both released under the GNU General Public License. As of July 2016, this source code also allows to calculate the EGG contact quotient in various ways.

If you publish data created with this software, please cite:

Christian T. Herbst, W. T. S. Fitch, Jan G. Svec (2010). Electroglottographic wavegrams: a technique for visualizing vocal fold dynamics noninvasively. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 128 (5), 3070-3078